Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why am I not getting very many votes?


So, you created a list, made it public and no one seems to care. It can be a rough voting world out there but here are a few tips.

few-votes-01aFirst let’s look at the list that this is from…


1. Well first is that I have chosen an obscure subject that even most Film Noir snobs would never vote on.

2. I also haven’t shared this list with any other social network. So, any friends not on Listal have no idea about this list.

3. I haven’t given any information about the films. Even posting a screen shot from the film will go a long way to get votes.

So… really it doesn’t look like I put much effort into making this list or just don’t care about the subject. So, why should anyone else care?


Adding links to lists that are similar to your list is always nice but did you ask the person you are linking to if you could link to their list?

There are plenty of reasons why lists simply don’t get votes. Even list that I think are great might not get very many votes.

Also, if your not very active on Listal members might not even know your around. So, explore… vote… make comments and check out the forums.


jaytoast @ Listal

Why is my list not getting any votes?


1. The first thing your going to want to do is make sure that your list is set to “Public”. If the list is set to “Private” no one can see the list and can’t vote on the list.



2. To set your list to public, click on the “Edit Button”


3. Click on the “Public” option and then save the list.

Your list should now be visible to the public and people may now vote on the list.

Also See: Why am I not getting very many votes?


jaytoast @ Listal

What does Blocking a user do…

If you have blocked someone…

1. They can not send you a message
2. They can not comment on your profile
3. They can not comment on any of your lists
4. They can not comment on any images you have posted

The person you blocked can still view all the items you post and comments that you make. So, it doesn’t make you invisible to them. Just make it so they can not contact you in any way.

Anyone you have blocked can still respond to any thread you create in the public forums.

jaytoast @ Listal

How Do I Block A User…


All you have to do to block a user is to visit their profile page and click on “Block”.


The “Block” button will change to “Unblock” and your done. No fancy pop-windows or anything… one click… no fuss.


Note: I would never block Pumpkinate he is just being a good sport for this demo


jaytoast @ Listal

How Do I Add A Music CD to Listal…


1. If you can’t find the music CD on Listal you will need to find the CD on Amazon.com

2. You can use the URL for the item or…

add music three-one

… you can use the ASIN number.

add music four aa


3. Once you have copied ether the URL or ASIN number go to the Listal web site.

4. On the top bar click on “My Stuff” and chose “Music”



5. From this window click on “Add Music”

add music one-ab

6. This will take you to a window where you can add the CD. Paste the URL or ASIN number in the box and click on one of the “Add to…” buttons.

add music last step

7. You will then get a window letting you know that the item has been added.

add music it worked

Congratulations you added a CD to the Listal database. Happy listing!


jaytoast @ Listal

How Do I Add a Band to Listal…


You will actually need to add a music CD from that band. Once the CD is added Listal will automatically add the musical group associated with that CD.

Click “How Do I Add A Music CD to Listal”