Monday, March 12, 2012

How to set another Listal member as an editor of a List


Setting someone as an editor of  a list will allow that user to add items to the list, edit notes and edit comments. Any votes for the list are then shared with all the editors of the list.

However, editors do not receive any updates regarding the list. They will not be notified of any new comments or votes the list receives.

While setting an editor is pretty simple it is one thing that I always had trouble doing correctly.


1. First you can only set an editor for a list that you created or are already set as an editor for that list. So go to the list that you want to add a new editor and click ‘edit’.



2. This will bring up all the settings for your list. Under “Options” you will see a box called “List edit access” this is where you will want to type in the username for the Listal member that you want to let edit the list.



Now this is where most people run into trouble and brings us to…


How to Find a Listal Members Username


One way is to just visit the persons profile and look for their user name in the URL of their profile. In this case the user name is “pumpkinate”…. simple right?


Well, not always so simple. Don’t confuse a Listal member’s ‘screen name’ and their user name. In this case the members screen name is “the giraffe” and his user name is “mrdissonance”.


If you want to really make sure you have the correct username, click to send the Listal Member a message and copy the username in the “Recipient” area.


Now, I can copy and past the username into the list I want to make “the giraffe” an editor.


Here I have made two people editors of this list and seperarted the names by a comma.


Now just click “Save Changes” and your editors will now be able to help edit your list.


Hope that helps and happy list making - jaytoast @ listal