Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to Create a List - Beta


1. Put your curser on the “My Stuff” menu and chose “Add a new list”


2. Choose a category for your list (Books, Games, Movies… etc)

3. Chose what type of list this is going to be. If your not sure keep it as ‘Items/Products”

4. Give your list a name

5. Give your list a description.

Note: You can go back and change any of this information later. The only thing you can’t change is the ‘type of list’.


5. When you are done click on the “Create list and add items” button.

6. You will be taken to the “Rearrange & add items” window. Here you can search for items to add to your list.

7. When you are done click on the name of the list.


You can continue to add items to a list using the “Rearrange & add items” window or by browsing Listal and using the “+ custom” button or the “+add to list button.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Add Anything To Listal Quickly and Easily - 2012


Listal uses to primary places to verify that an item is actually a real item, Amazon.com and IMDb.com

If you know that an item isn’t in the Listal database you can quickly add the item to Listal by pasting the URL for that item into the search area on Listal.


A bit more information:


1. Find the item you want to add and copy the URL on that web page. (Note: my web browser might look different then yours but the URL is always found in this general area)


2. Paste the URL into the search area and then click the search button.



3. You will then be taken to a Listal page for that item.



4. Congratulations you have just added an item to the Lisal database using only a URL. Happy Listing!


Written by jaytoast @ Listal

Friday, August 3, 2012

Adding Sections To A List

1. Go to the list where you want to add sections. To start creating sections click on the “Rearrange & add items” button.

sections 1a


2. Once that window is open click on the “Add Section” button.

sections 2a


3. Drag and drop items from “Sec. 1” to your new section “Sec. 2”

sections 3a


4. Now to edit the section. Make sure the section you want to edit is highlighted and click on “Edit Section” this will bring up the edit window. Here you can give your section a name (area “B”). You can also give this section a description (area “C”) but that isn’t necessary. You can also change how each section looks by choosing one of the options under “Display Mode” (area “D”).

5. When you are done with your edits to the section click on the big blue “Edit section” button (area “E”) this will save your work. If you forget to click this button all your work will be lost! So… just a little warning regarding saving your work.

sections 8a

6. Now let us look and see what our list looks like. After we have made our changes and saved them, clicking on the name of the list will take us to the full view of the list. Here we have a list with the new section we just created.


sections 7a

7. Congratulations you just made a list with sections. You can continue to add more sections by repeating the steps above.



Some Tips About Lists with Sections

First, if your going to create a very long list over 500 items. I highly recommend that you start using sections to easily find things. If you don’t give a section a name then it won’t show up on the list as a section. Only you the editor of the list will know that there are sections.

Second. For every single list that I make I always make the first section (Sec.1)  for “Just Added”. I frequently find things that I forgot to add to a list or someone make a recommendation that I need to add to the list. The “Just Added” area gives me a quick and easy place to find things. If you move “Sec. 1” around or have dozens of items in that section it can be hard to find that ONE NEW thing you just added to a list.

sections 6a

That is all there is to making sections. It sounds a bit more complicated then it really is to do. Hope this helps and happy listing!


jaytoast @ Listal

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dealing with difficult people


Another user on Listal is bugging you by breaking the rules. What do you do?

While you may want to start a topic in the forums against the user, this isn't a good idea because: A) The issue becomes bigger than it needs to be, with other Listal frequenters joining to voice their complaints with less restraint than you might have, and B) the target of complaint may feel attacked. C) The person making the accusations typically will look like the bad guy. No matter how ‘right’ you think you are… being rude and ranting against another person directly in an open forum will make you look like the bad guy.

Instead, take the following course of action:

1) Report whatever inappropriate content - images, lists, comments - are against the rules. On an given image, video, review, or list page there will be a "Report" button with a red 'X' next to it on the top by the user's name and the date of posting. Use this button, but please only do so if the content seems against the rules and not as a joke, because you disagree with the opinions expressed, or because you don't like the poster.
If the user is posting extremely graphic pornography, commercial spam, or spam asking to start a relationship with you, you need not take the next steps. The later steps are redundant for these things, as they should be taken care of quickly.

2) Message the person directly, and inform him or her of Listal's rules. After all, the user may have seen someone else breaking the rules and thought it was okay. In this case, you'll be glad you didn't go for an attack first thing.
If, however, the reply is defensive and the user indicates that he or she doesn't intend to stop breaking the rules, perhaps even that he or she takes issue with the rules themselves, proceed to step 3.

3) Message one of the moderators or Tom, the admin. Keep in mind that the moderators don't have direct control over banning users from posting content; meanwhile, the mods are probably better to contact about things like deleting pictures or other content themselves, as they don't have to code the website or do other such time-consuming projects. So, use moderators for things they have control over and use Tom for specific things only he has control over.

Then simply let it run its course. Though it may take time, the mods and Tom will work out what needs to be done. We appreciate people letting us know when rule-breaking occurs.

Listal is a pretty laid-back website, but people will still go against what's allowed. What gets taken care of depends on what the mods or Tom see on their own or, more importantly, what gets reported to them. And they need the community for that.


Written by Pumpkinate @ Listal


Final Note by Jaytoast

There can be many reason for even the most bizarre behavior on Listal. It is possible that someone is breaking the rules, or cheating? Yes absolutely but it is also possible that there is another reason behind this behavior. Anything from a mass migration of new users to Listal to glitches in the Listal site can be the cause of many seemingly strange events.

However, there is NEVER an acceptable reason for being a Listal bully. You can not take back rude, inflammatory or derogatory comments made to other users.

While Listal is a very laidback site. It is expected that you act as an adult and treat each other with respect. Part of that is giving people the benefit of the doubt. Careless accusations can do more harm then hurting one member but may turn into alienating large groups of members.

Stop – Reacting to the stupid stuff

Drop – Your irritation and anger

Roll – Get on with your life



icons by Rokey at http://rokey.deviantart.com/

Friday, May 18, 2012

How to Make the Most Out of Listal

Here are a few suggestions on getting the most out of Listal

1. Keep a record of what you have watched. What you want to watch. Items you have bought movies/tv/books/games/etc.
2. Create a list to share your interest/s

3. Start a thread in the forums to get a conversation going

4. Upload some hard to find images to share

people-01aRare Pictures of Famous Celebrities


5. Improve others lists by making suggestions

6. Find other members that share similar interest in Films, Music, Books or Games

similar members

Monday, April 16, 2012

How to create a list of images…

With addition information on adding sections and notes to an image list.


1. Creating a list of images is really quite simple. First find an image that you want as part of your image list.


2. Once you have found the image you want to use, click on the big blue “+Add to List” button

image list 1


3. You will be given a drop down menu. Type in a name for your new list and click the blue “Add” button.


image list 2


4. To add more images just go to the next image and click on the big blue “+Add to List” button and select the list where you want the image to appear.


image list 3


5. Continue to add items that way and soon you will have a nice basic list of images.


image list 3a


Adding Sections to An Image List


1. To get started go to the list where you want to add sections. Then click on the “Rearrange & add items” button.

image list 4


2. Click on the “Add section” button. Drag and drop items you want from “Sec. 1” to your new section “Sec. 2”

image list 5


3. When you have the items you want in the new section you can now edit that section. Highlight the section you want to edit (below image area G) and Click on the “Edit Section” button and you will be given an edit window.

image list 6

4. From the edit window you can give your section a name (area A), give your list a discription (area B), chose the look of each section (area C). Once you are done with your edits remember to click on the “Edit section” button (area E) or your work will be lost.


5. You can chose to not give a section a name or a description. This can be helpful when you want to group together items that are similar but want to use different sizes.

image list 7

6. Simply edit the section and give the section a new size but no name or description. This is how two sections can look like only one section. Only you the editor of the list will see the sections.

image list 8

7. That is all there is to creating a beautiful and seamless list with various sections and sizes.


Adding Notes to an Image List

1. You can only add notes to an image list if you have chosen to display the images in one or two columns. Notes do not work for three column lists or sections. However it is pretty simple to add notes.


image list 8a

2. Just click on the “Edit note” button and type the text you want to appear in the notes area.


image list 9

This is an example of an image list with notes and sections. However there are many ways to play with different styles and formats. So, have fun, explore and always feel free to ask someone ‘how did you do that?’. They might just be willing to share a new way of doing things.


That is all there is to creating image lists. Happy Listing!


written by jaytoast @ Listal.com

How to create a List of Lists

1. Go to a list that you want on your “List of Lists”



2. Scroll down until you see the blue “+Add To List” button”



3. Click on that button and you will be given a drop down menu.



4. You can now add the list to a list you have already created or type in a name for a new list you want to start and click the “Add” button.



5. That is all there is to creating a List of Lists. You can now add whatever you would like to that list just by visiting a list and clicking on the “+Add to list” button.

 jaytoast @ Listal