Friday, August 3, 2012

Adding Sections To A List

1. Go to the list where you want to add sections. To start creating sections click on the “Rearrange & add items” button.

sections 1a


2. Once that window is open click on the “Add Section” button.

sections 2a


3. Drag and drop items from “Sec. 1” to your new section “Sec. 2”

sections 3a


4. Now to edit the section. Make sure the section you want to edit is highlighted and click on “Edit Section” this will bring up the edit window. Here you can give your section a name (area “B”). You can also give this section a description (area “C”) but that isn’t necessary. You can also change how each section looks by choosing one of the options under “Display Mode” (area “D”).

5. When you are done with your edits to the section click on the big blue “Edit section” button (area “E”) this will save your work. If you forget to click this button all your work will be lost! So… just a little warning regarding saving your work.

sections 8a

6. Now let us look and see what our list looks like. After we have made our changes and saved them, clicking on the name of the list will take us to the full view of the list. Here we have a list with the new section we just created.


sections 7a

7. Congratulations you just made a list with sections. You can continue to add more sections by repeating the steps above.



Some Tips About Lists with Sections

First, if your going to create a very long list over 500 items. I highly recommend that you start using sections to easily find things. If you don’t give a section a name then it won’t show up on the list as a section. Only you the editor of the list will know that there are sections.

Second. For every single list that I make I always make the first section (Sec.1)  for “Just Added”. I frequently find things that I forgot to add to a list or someone make a recommendation that I need to add to the list. The “Just Added” area gives me a quick and easy place to find things. If you move “Sec. 1” around or have dozens of items in that section it can be hard to find that ONE NEW thing you just added to a list.

sections 6a

That is all there is to making sections. It sounds a bit more complicated then it really is to do. Hope this helps and happy listing!


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