Thursday, August 9, 2012

Add Anything To Listal Quickly and Easily - 2012


Listal uses to primary places to verify that an item is actually a real item, and

If you know that an item isn’t in the Listal database you can quickly add the item to Listal by pasting the URL for that item into the search area on Listal.


A bit more information:


1. Find the item you want to add and copy the URL on that web page. (Note: my web browser might look different then yours but the URL is always found in this general area)


2. Paste the URL into the search area and then click the search button.



3. You will then be taken to a Listal page for that item.



4. Congratulations you have just added an item to the Lisal database using only a URL. Happy Listing!


Written by jaytoast @ Listal

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